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Welcome to Merri-Todd's Het Page

Featuring X-Files Fiction with Mulder, Scully, and Friends

An Announcement

I have closed the lonchura_fic list and deleted it from Yahoo/eGroups. By the end of February, I will have taken down my fanfic pages. My stories will remain available through the major fandom archives and I will provide links to those archives at this site. Look for further announcements of new creative projects.

I've decided to include on this page those stories which I call "triosmut". Triosmut involves three people, usually two men and a woman, emotionally and sexually, and it contains both m/m slash as well as m/f and m/f/m sex. In other words, it's not just two men both paying attention to the same woman--it's fully threeway.

The Trouble Is...:  Mulder, Scully, and Skinner each muse on their seemingly conflicting attraction to two different people.

I Know What You're Thinking:  Mulder and Scully are each convinced they know what the other is thinking.  Skinner is convinced they don't know the half of it.  A sequel to "The Trouble Is...."

So Beautiful:  A series of fantasies about watching the two people one wants to have sex with while they have sex with one another.  A sequel to "I Know What You're Thinking."

The Wet Dreams series is more or less a follow-up to "The Trouble Is..." and its two sequels. Some segments are m/f, some m/m, and the conclusion is m/f/m.

Wet Dreams I:  Scully has an erotic dream about her boss.

Wet Dreams II:  Scully's not the only one having erotic dreams, and Skinner is surprised by the partner who figures in his dream.

Wet Dreams III:  It's Mulder's turn to wake up surprised at himself.

Wet Dreams IV:  The sight of Scully wearing green at a Bureau function forces Skinner to retreat from the crowd to indulge his fantasies.

Wet Dreams V:  Skinner discovers that someone else liked Scully in green as much as he did.

Wet Dreams VI:  Two agents, an AD, a bottle of champagne, and a few accessories, in a hotel room.  Need I say more?

Winner of the Wirerims Skinnerotica Award for Hottest Het Sex Scene! I Don't Remember How It Happened:  Mulder discovers that both his partner and his boss have feelings for him and for one another, but a past relationship may interfere with their chances for happiness as a trio. (Nominated for Best Het Sex Scene!)

"Another Night on the Road"--Motels can be very boring places at night, and even federal agents have to find ways of entertaining themselves.

"Brightness Falls--A tribute to a certain redhead's hair.

"Mistress Dana"--Scully discovers that sexual fantasy is a very effective way of combating stress.

"My Scully"--Mulder's side of the conversation in bed. Mulder talks a lot.

"Vespers"--A companion piece to "L'Alba", which can be found on my Slash Page. Scully reveals to Mulder that she knows one of his secrets.

"Maggie Scully, 2 a.m."--Mrs. Scully's thoughts on her daughter, her daughter's partner, and her inability to sleep.

"Summer Night - A Houseboat Story"--A tribute and companion piece to JiM's Houseboat Series. It's all over, and Scully and Krycek are the last ones left. Will Scully leave things that way?

"Mistress Dana's Master"--A sequel to "Mistress Dana", in which Agent Scully once again copes with her difficult partner and equally, though differently, difficult boss through sexual fantasy.

"Used to Be"--An angsty little piece with heavy slash overtones. Scully muses on her relationship with Mulder and Mulder's relationships with others. A companion piece to the Muldercentric "More than Anything" and the Krycek-centered "Want to Believe".

"Stand-ins"--A relationship between two people who don't really want one another.

"Ultra Lights"--Mulder gets a surprise when he goes to profess undying love for his partner. Implied m/f and m/m sex.

"Games #1: Show and Tell"--Mulder and Scully are playing a game, and Mulder wants to bring in a third player. Contains m/f and m/m sex.

"Thunder, Lightning, and Rain"--A Scully/Skinner snippet written for the Scuttlebutts list.

"Cactus"--Yes! at last! an MSR! scientifically verified as such! Scully reflects on her unusual marriage with Mulder.

"Tofu"--A follow-up to "Cactus". Mulder gives his take on his marriage to Scully.

#Games #2: Rules and Regulations": Pendrell learns the rules of Mulder's and Scully's little sexual game....

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