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I am no longer maintaining a website for my slash fiction because I am no longer writing it. After three and a half years, I feel a strong need to move on to writing original stories and, I hope, essays and poetry as well. However, my fiction will remain available at the multi-author archives maintained for the different fandoms by those few self-sacrificing souls who ought to be canonized for their efforts.

My Voyager Paris/Kim stories can be found at the PKSP Archive.

My X-Files fanfiction can be found at Down in the Basement, the XF slash archive, and Skinnerotica, which houses both slash and het stories as long as the AD is the star. Thanks to Alice ttlg, the archivist at DitB, the Cornerstone series and my Pendrell Talks stories can be found there in their entirety and in order.

For the time being, my het X-Files stories (including M/Sc, Sc/Sk, Sc/Byers, and a few trios) will remain here.

My Sentinel stories can be found at 852 Prospect.

My Phantom Menace stories, with a few exceptions, can be found at Master and Apprentice. If you are looking for "Indigo," "The Talk," "Ties that Bind," or "The Compulsion," e-mail me and I'll mail it to you.

My Velvet Goldmine stories (and assorted other stories of mine) can be found at the Complete Kingdom of Slash.

And if you're looking for the Rumi and Shams series, I have left it here since it is multifandom, as a kind of precis of what I did for slash .

Keeper of Curt's Shameless Exhibitionism

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The Rumi and Shams Series

Rumi and Shams: An Introduction
I: I'll Meet You There (X-Files, M/K, NC-17)
II: This Curling Energy (Sentinel, J/B, NC-17)
III: What a Bargain (X-Files, K/P, NC-17)
IV: All Along (Sentinel, J/B, PG)
V: These Do Not Matter (X-Files, K/P, PG)
VI: Like This (X-Files, M/K, R)
VII: Both Wishes Are Foolish (X-Files, M/Sk, NC-17)

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